Teaching to the Goodness within Every Child

The Friends School of Atlanta offers an exceptional academic program with individualized instruction every step of the way. Joyful learners come together in small, diverse classes where they gain the confidence to become their best selves as students and engaged citizens.

Academic Rigor

Model of Diversity

Values Based

Small Class Sizes

Individualized Instruction

Time for Reflection

169 students

PreK3 - 8th Grade

40%-50% students of color

A model of diversity since 1991

1:8 faculty/staff ratio

Small classes, individualized instruction

One of 78 Friends schools nationwide

The only Friends school in Georgia

5.85 acre campus

30,000 square feet of classroom and play space

The Friends School of Atlanta News


Finding direct, honest paths and effective, efficient methods.


Believing peace is possible and teaching students how to achieve it.


Being what we say we are and doing what we say we will do.


Caring service to one another.


Having sensitivity, deep respect and regard for people who are not like me.


Caring for our gifts of health, learning, resourcs and our Earth.

Meet Our Community

Elena Parent

Caryn Van Exel

Miguel Martinez

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Coronavirus Impact on FSA

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Friends School of Atlanta moved to at-home learning on Friday, March 13, and has restricted access to the campus for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  Guided by our mission's emphasis on community, we are enormously grateful to the entire FSA community for the many ways they have come together to support each other and to embrace a new way of teaching and learning. This link will take you to the coronavirus update communications sent from the school.
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